Distribution in Canada

Why choose to distribute your product in Canada?

Canada is a lucrative market for companies considering importing cosmetic products and medical devices. Over the past many years, there has been an increase in demand for health and wellness-related products. Statistics tell us that:

  • Canada has 1/5th the population of Brazil but consumers spend nearly the same amount on health care every year
  • Canadian consumers will age, with 25% of the population over the age of 65 by 2031. Therefore, consumers are now looking for products and services to help them maintain and improve their health, their beauty and their youth
  • 31% of Canadian consumers are willing to pay a premium for health- enhancing products

What does this mean for you? It means that not only is there an increasing demand for health- enhancing products in Canada, but the Canadian market itself is also stable and growing. As our economy continues to strengthen, consumers will be seeking out new and novel products. Our team at NUVIOR is here to help.

2625686 ONTARIO INC. DBA NUVIOR is the leading distributor of first class skin-care products and medical technologies. We travel the world to identify the best products and technologies and bring them to North America. Our goal is to ensure that we deliver new and innovative products that will transform the overall health and body of the men and women who use them. Through our deep knowledge and connections in the industry we are able to provide our clients around the world with the reassurance they need to grow their business in North America.

What can you expect from us?

If we are interested in your product or device, or if you are interested in our services, we will first explore your interest in selling your product or device in the Canadian market.

  • If we have approached you, we will have performed our due diligence and be knowledgeable about your product or device. We may ask you for further information as needed in order to map your product or device with the regulatory requirements set out by Health Canada.
  • If you have approached us, we will need to gather more information on the product or device. We only distribute the best products and technologies and will need to ascertain that your product or technology meets our quality standards.

If there is mutual agreement to move forward, we will provide you with a detailed plan about the process in Canada (including timelines and fees), what you can expect from NUVIOR and how we will help you to enter the market. We will work in partnership to develop and tailor a plan that meets your needs and that takes into consideration your marketing and promotional experience as evidenced by your targeted consumer base.

  • We will also work with any other company which has identified Canada as your market of choice. This means that in this scenario we will only work as a distributor of the product or device and take direction on the sales approach as provided.

If you are interested in a detailed market analysis, we can provide that to you as well. More information can be found under, ‘consulting services’. Please click here for more information.


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